Lewin Medical Supply

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LEWINwas founded in 1984 by Virginia J. Lewin, RN, who brought over 10 years of hospital and home care experience to her agency, believing there was a strong need to provide quality and professionalism to the home care setting. From the very beginning, we have been determined to bring a more personal and compassionate approach to home care. It's adding the human element, and preserving the dignity to those people who depend on us that gets the patient and the family through these difficult, stressful times. That's why LEWIN is different, why LEWIN is so special.LEWIN was one of the first home health care agencies to stress education and introduce it into their program. In addition, the LEWIN staff has always been carefully screened and selected. It is because of this reputation that the agency has grown to be one of the most trusted and respected in the industry.