Lee Medical International Inc

Endorse Company
Through numerous established international contracts, Lee Medical imports a number of private labeled items and passes along cost savings to its customers. Using these international contacts, Lee Medical expanded again, this time into the consumer market and sells other than medically related items through its subsidiaries, Lee Med Fitness and Best Imports. You can visit their websites at www.leemedfitness.com and www.bestimports.biz. Lee Medicals strength lies in its custom designed dialysis kits, introduced into the dialysis market in 1984, long before kits were recognized as a definitive means of cost containment. Dialysis kits have always been at the core of Lee Medicals mission to help customers contain costs in a world of diminishing reimbursement. Lee Medical has recently branched out into the aftercare home market to deliver medical products directly to patients and their families that often have difficulty sourcing the items they need. Patients and those caring for a relative can find the products they need at www.leemedcare.com and expect home delivery in just a couple of days.