LaserSight Technologies Inc

Endorse Company
For nearly two decades LaserSight Technologies, Inc. with headquarters located in Winter Park, Florida and subsidiaries in Shenzhen, China has been recognized as a global supplier of unprecedented technology solutions for the refractive vision correction industry.The company and its extensive intellectual property portfolio combined with an exceptional talent of knowledgeable and experienced international human resources create the ideal ambiance to fulfill the company's goals and mission. LaserSight Technologies Inc. is a dynamic and focused company with a constant quest of product usability and quality improvement. LaserSight constantly adjusts its product line to the demand of the industries needs, foreseeing and establishing clinical trends. It continues to research new product ideas and innovations solidifying its position as leaders in technology advancements.Since early 1994, LaserSight has successfully installed hundreds of units worldwide. LaserSight has installed and serviced its product in more than 30 countries that includes Korea, Malaysia, South Africa, Namibia, India, Spain, UK, Russia, France, Norway, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Canada, Italy, China and many others.