Labthermics Technologies Inc

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Labthermics Technologies, Inc. is a medical therapy products company dedicated to improving cancer treatment. Over the past ten years, the Company has invested in hyperthermia cancer research, resulting in a series of unique cancer therapy products -- the first of which received FDA approval in September 1989. During the past ten years, Labthermics has grown from a small R&D company to a fully faceted corporation with FDA approved products. Labthermics' first commercial therapy product, the SONOTHERM 1000, is the most technologically advanced hyperthermia device available. Since the SONOTHERM can treat larger and deeper tumors, it can effectively treat three times as many patients as competing hyperthermia systems. Its unique multi-sectored therapy applicator design and adaptive control system enable it to shape the energy field to match the tumor size and shape, which results in more effective heating than that provided by competing systems. It is the only FDA approved device for treatment of tumors to 8 cm depth and for treatment in conjunction with initial course radiotherapy.