Labsystems Diagnostics Oy

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Labsystems Diagnostics Oy ABOUT US Labsystems Diagnostics Oy, (formerly Ani Biotech Oy and Ani Labsystems Ltd. Oy) is a Finnish diagnostics group of merged companies dedicated to produce high quality enzyme immunoassays (EIA and FEIA) and rapid POC tests for professional and home use. Labsystems Diagnostics Oy develops and manufactures a complete range of neonatal screening systems and tests, and fertility, cardiac and gastrointestinal as well as other infectious disease POC tests. These top quality Finnish made products are sold through a vast distributor network supported by group sales units. Since 2012, Labsystems Diagnostics is part of Global Trivitron Healthcare Group, forming the European arm of Trivitron in Laboratory Diagnostics, POC and Home Tests. HISTORY Labsystems Diagnostic Oy has more than 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing EIA laboratory tests for diagnosis of various infectious and newborn diseases and over 25 years of experience developing and manufacturing Point of Care tests such as pregnancy, infectious, cardiac and gastrointestinal tests. The first EIA test was Toxoplasma gondii IgG in 1982, which was one of the first commercial EIA tests in the world. Labsystems Diagnostics Oy was among the world’s first to launch Cardiac Troponin I test in 1995.