l´acn l´accessorio nucleare S.r.l.

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About us l'acn is among the first world manufacturers of bone densitometers. Headquaters are located in Northern Milan’s area, in Italy. Born in 1975 as a Nuclear Medicine supplier, exploiting its knowledge, l'acn began developing bone densitometers first in the radioactive source and then in the X-RAY versions. First in the world, l'acn manufactured a X-Ray forearm bone densitometer with a monoenergetic radiant source compensated by a double water cushion. Today is the only company which offers a complete choice of bone densitometers. The models proposed and described in the following pages are a brief but precise summary of specific technical and economic requirements for the final customer. UNIGAMMA PLUS is the all purposes Totalbody version, UNIGAMMA PLUS/P is the compact version for Spine, Femur and Forearm scans.