Kustomer Kinetics Inc

Endorse Company
Dr. William H. Berger, Ph.D., in Health Care Administration and a licensed Physical Therapist for over 50 years, was dissatisfied with the quality and selection of products available for his patients when he had his practice, and therefore founded Kustomer Kinetics, Inc. in 1979. Working with chemists and cosmetic advisors, Dr. Berger devised a comprehensive line of health-care products that were formulated with the objective to be therapeutically effective to the patient, and at the same time less expensive. He was tired of sales people stating that their products were the "next best thing since sliced bread"! Too often they failed to actually consider the patient's needs, and their care-givers requirements as well. With these concerns in mind, he brought his products to clinics, doctor's offices, physical therapy & rehab facilities, providing them with free samples for their use and evaluation. Their valuable feedback provided him the necessary information to take back to his laboratory for re-evaluation and re-formulation.