Kub Technologies Inc

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Kubtec engineers brought the XPERT family of digital cabinet X-ray systems to the market for specimen radiography, biosciences, research, and clinical applications. Once on the market, Kubtec earned the reputation for manufacturing the most innovative designs and applications in digital X-ray technology and has remained at the forefront in bringing technical advancements and value to the field.In 2009, Kubtec introduced its XCELL line of irradiator systems, designed to irradiate specimens in accurate, repeatable, monitored doses, unlike radioisotope based systems.In 2010, Kubtec introduced the Flat Panel Detector Digiview line of DR systems.In 2011, Kubtec received FDA approval for the world's first CMOS based DR detector for neonatal imaging, the Digiview 250. This is the highest resolution DR detector in the world for human imaging and acquires images using less than half the radiation dose of any other commercially available neonatal detector system, a step towards gently imaging our children.