KSurgical Pte Ltd

Endorse Company
Service and Sales of Endoscopes, Video Cameras, Surgical Power Tools and Surgical Instruments.Endoscope repair (gastroscope, colonoscope, bronchoscope), rigid scope repair ( telescope repair ), Camera repair, surgical instruments repairs, power tools repair, fiber optics cable repair, denal handpiece repair.Singapore - Based with presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam.Repairs All major brands such as Olympus, Pentax, Fujinon, Karl Storz, Richard Wolf, Dyonics, Stryker, Linvatec, Smith-Nephew, Aesculap, Codman, Lawton, v.Mueller, Downs, Medicon, Martin, Synthes, Padgett, Snowden-Pencer, Stille, Ethicon, Hall, Zimmer, Midas Rex, 3M etc