Kopek International

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Kopek International We Kopek International is suppliers of Instruments for healthcare purposes. Since our inception in 1980 it had been our mission to enhance the quality Patient care by providing the professional with superior quality dental and surgical instrumentation. We are committed to maintaining high levels of customer relationship management,and working closely with key openion leaders to introduce innovation instrumentation on an annual basis. Our reputation is constantly growing and our offer is becoming more and more competitive. Our operative system is consantly developing in favour of those clients who can recognize the quality of what we offer. In order to better satisfy the needs of our customer by growing demand, Our team carefully considers and anticipates the most specific demand in the field of Healthcare supplies. Our Organization has recently received the approval for the ISO 9001:2008,13487 CE regulations. It is thanks to this certainty that you, as one of our special clients, can now profit even more efficiently from our products.You can rely on the fact that quantity and duration of what you are demanding for ever guaranted. Medical,Surgical,Diagnostic