About us KOHLAS, an appropriate response to the needs of surgery and hospital French manufacturer, KOHLAS is the of medical applications of elastomers. Our team have a long experience in medical elastomers and provide: A technical solution for every situation Services meeting the concerns of hospital equipment managers: cost, ease of maintenance, availability of materials. Products, but also services KOHLAS works in partnership with hospitals. Facing heterogeneous materials KOHLAS provides diagnosis and global services that foster an analytical vision of maintenance costs and allow an early management of aging equipment. Nosocomial infections: a major concern To prevent nosocomial infections, all coatings of KOHLAS products is glued edge to edge. This gluing guarantee a complete seal and prevents mattress, pillows or wedges to breathe air. It also allows for optimal cleaning and disinfection. KOHLAS wishes to actively contribute to the prevention of nosocomial infections and, in fact, accompany its customers in evaluating disinfection protocols and internal actions.