Endorse Company
About Us Kisbu Textile was founded in 1978. From the day of its establishment till now, permanently increasing the quality of products and service and adding experience, the brand became the prefered one in the market. Due to incessant innovative structure and better market targering, company could achieve this advantage. Entered to the textile industry’s sector, Kisbu TEKSTIL has started selling polypropylene and polyester fibers and in 1997, it became the first company presenting Spunbond Nonwoven ( nonwoven material) in Turkey. After some time, the company started to produce its materials. Thus, it both contributed to national production and provided new employment areas. Growing with its hygienic and high technology plants, KISBU serves to customer integration production with quality. During time, a high range of products was added, such as SMMS Nonwoven, Ultrasonic Quilting, Wadding Fiber. And company has been starting to do all applications for materials, such as lamination, printing, ultrasonic quiting. Moreover, we are importing other auxiliary products to be able to satisfy clients’ needs. Production and sales as well as customer relations and high knowledge of textile industry are main principles KISBU shared, consistently working to get better.