About us Expertise Kasios specialises in the development, manufacture and sales of synthetic bone substitutes for use in orthopaedics and dental surgery. The company’s expertise in biomaterials comes from its scientific team of calcium phosphate specialists, recognized for their success and experience in developing novel products tailored to this fast growing market. They work within the standards of quality and under a controlled environment that satisfies the unified regulatory requirements of all their clients and their target markets. Bone substitutes There are many bone substitutes available for repairing bone defects and restoring bone structure. However, only the properties and synthetic nature of calcium phosphates (hydroxyapatite, tricalcium phosphate etc.) offer a safe and effective solution when bone grafts are needed, while preserving the patient’s own bone stock. When used in the form of ceramic or calcium phosphate cement they promote bone reconstruction, as their properties and behaviour are similar to those of biological apatites which are constituents of the mineral phase of human bone. As they are synthetic, they reduce the risks related to infection and immune response that may arise with other types of bone substitutes.