KAKOH Co.,Ltd.

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Kakoh Co.,Ltd. KAKOH Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer that produces super high precision metal tubes and pipes. We are a protoype laboratory for precision metal tubes. Since Kakoh was founded in 1964 as a manufacturer of electrodes for electrospark machining, we have faithfully met the diverse needs of an increasing number of customers. Currently, in addition to electrodes, Kakoh's tubes are used in a wide range of industries, from the medical field to the aerospace and jewelry industries. We provide precision metal tubes in small lots tailored to various metal materials, shapes and specific applications. KAKOH will promise to Clients for three requirements. [1] We try to propose our products to further extent. …Clients’ requirements vary from about our products, drawings, specifications, to illustrations and, etc. Kakoh Co., Ltd. try to understand the clients’ requirements shown in their order sheets. We will offer further proposals to materialize their requirements. [2] We will try to make items in small lots experimentally. …KAKOH is always ready to meet any order from our clients such as urgent delivry or sufficient variety in different category and quantity. Our production machinery and facility have been developed by us originaly in order to be ready for our clients requirements. [3] We are ready to meet any of our clients’ requirements immediately. …Technical innovation in the world is rapidly advancing day by day. In order to cope with this rapidly changing world-wide tide, we are ready to work hard together to overcome the change by getting together as a whole. We make efforts in order to maintain our competitive advantage. Next. Try to throw a difficult ball which you have never done before with all your strength . KAKOH will hit back in a wide range as Ichiro in Major League in America does. Also we promise that we work for your requirements devotedly like Honda and Kagawa who are doing well in Europe.