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K.R. - Danish welfare innovation OPUS 5 - Elevating Care The OPUS 5 bed concept is a brand new and cutting edge care bed manufactured by the Danish company K.R. K.R. has worked with the Central Denmark Region, Randers Regional Hospital and several other partners to develop an intelligent hospital bed for the future – a bed that challenges status quo and optimises work processes in and around patient care. Areas of focus in the development process: - Working environment - Patient self-assistance - Staff efficiency - Comfort - Safety Key features: - Pre-programmed exit position for leaving the bed from the foot end - Lateral tilt function for easier and gentler repositioning in bed, as gravity aids staff and patient - Pre-programmed sitting positions, for improved eating scenarios and equal conversations Benefits: - New options for rehabilitation - Greater opportunities for self-assistance - Higher mobilisation frequency - Gentler mobilisation of heavy or uncooperative users - Reduced physical strain on staff - Less staff needed for mobilising patients - Improved control during mobilisation resulting in fewer falls - Improved options for repositioning patients in bed during care - Improved options for pressure wound prevention With the OPUS 5 product line, manufacturer K.R. has launched a brand new generation of hospital and care beds. The concept is meant to improve hospital efficiency and economy by not customising ICU beds, ward beds, bariatric beds etc. At an OPUS 5-hospital or -ward, all the beds are the same. They start out the same and with the use of ad-on accessories, the service department can easily transform the OPUS 5 bed to suit any patient – from specialised intensive care patients to dialysis or maternity care. This means, that the right bed is always available for the patient, with a minimum of effort and maximum of value for money. Downloads: Our new brochure Intelligent Hospital Beds