K-Plan s.a.s.

Endorse Company
K-Plan K-Plan company is specialized in the design of diagnostic tools adapted to the difficult environmental conditions and allowing the implementation of the most effective techniques for the identification of infectious agents in the biological samples while ensuring the security of samples and personal. K-Plan has developed the Ultra-mobile biology lab: the K-LMP Lab. Designed to be easily transported (air, sea, road) and then deployed in total autonomy, the K-LMP Lab has been tested in the context of applications in parasitology, bacteriology and virology. It may be supplemented by a hematology-biochemistry module. The K-LMP Lab is a very important tool to make appropriate decisions during emergency response or in prevention in areas of risk or with widely scattered population. It allows preventing or detecting the pandemic and epidemic situations and reacting with the appropriate means. Thanks to its biologist team, K-Plan supports and trains the local teams to new diagnostic techniques. It also conducts missions of specific studies in areas at risk.