JSC "Shvabe"

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About us JSC «PA «Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant» is a leading enterprise of the Russian optical industry. The company has grown from “Shvabe” optical workshops inMoscowset up in the year 1837. Today the plant is a modern science intensive R&D and production company, a leader of the optical engineering branch with vast capabilities of creating products from design to manufacture. The company specializes in production of complex optical-electronic systems and manufactures a wide range of related products including medical and lighting equipment, geodetic instruments. The enterprise is a major Russian producer of medical equipment for neonate’s resuscitation and nurse. In the field of medical engineering our goal is manufacture of innovative products to protect, support and save lives. We use all our capabilities to create modern high-tech products and solutions to satisfy the permanently changing needs in the infant pediatrics and neonatology. Following the tendencies of the world medical equipment market, ceaselessly improving our products, expanding the product range, persistently providing strict conformance of the technical parameters and providing a comprehensive after-sales support to our customers, we have managed to create competitive equipment, both in price and quality, to which people the world over entrust their lives. The neonatal equipment of PA «UOMP» has been exported to 85 countries and is successfully used in many hospitals of Europe, Asia, Africa andLatin America. Owing to the global network of branches, representatives and foreign subsidiaries we ensure effective satisfaction of the needs of consumers in the whole world. The quality management system of PA «UOMP» is certified to conformance of ISO 9001-2008. The products quality is confirmed by the international certificates CE and DIN EN 13485 thus demonstrating that the norms and procedures from the stage of design to production to delivery and customer support are strictly observed.