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Where new ideas are forged... ...for the dental and medical professions

The family firm of Jörg & Sohn [Jörg & Son] was founded in the town of Coburg in a mountainous part of Southern Germany in 1926.

At this same location, the company is still elaborating solutions to a wide variety of problems from the fields of dentistry and medicine today. The development of the first dental operating chair took place from 1965-1967.

Today this kind of chair is found, in contemporary design, in every dentist's practice. In 1971 the first folddown wall-mounted x-ray chair was developed; today advanced versions of this chair can be found in numerous dentists'surgeries. Portable dental units, which bear the firm's own label - or were developed on order for leading manufactures in Germany - are in service in private, public and military institutions all over the world.

Special equipment for orthodontic treatmend units, as well as serveral operating tables and chairs for oral and maxillo-facial surgery, round off this product sector. Jörg & Sohn is represented by expert distribution affiliates worldwide. Our goal ist to expand this network and to serve our customers by continuously improving our products and exhibiting flexibility in the manufacture of our highquality products.