Jiangsu ATE Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

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About us From 2005,Jiangsu Ate Medical Technology Co.,Ltd is doing the business of exploitation,production and sales about the disposable biopsy forceps,disposable hemostatic clips,disposable grasping forceps,and disposable spray pipes,disposable polyp snare,the disposable injection needles and so on. In 2013,we develop the series of the visual electronic microscope and try hard to make a integrative brand. There are many high-caliber staffs,basing on the high-tech and with a view to the mid-long term benefits, the whole company attempt to develop and produce the endoscopic devices with self-owned intellectual property right,which is the main direction of the company. Now our company covers an area of about 3000 square meters and 600 square meters Class 100000 clean rooms.There are many advanced instruments and devices in the company,which ensure the development,producing and quality testing can be done successfully. Our company has a professional management team,which ensure the production safety and the products to be responsibly and effective. The management idea: Striving for excellence: with the goal of best products. We care any detail,we care every detection of any product Customer-driven: the customers are our partners, we will share resource and achievement. Growing together: respect our partners and staff. They make our company fantastic.We can step forward together. High-quality: we will regard the quality as the most important task. Sustainable development: stable operation, get along well with the society. Learn more and become better.