Jenny Dose Tracking System LLC

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Everyday we travel many roads at work, with family, entertainment and shopping. We all are exposed to some sort of radiated dose; whether from the natural background, cellular phones, work environment in a Hospital or Nuclear Reactor, or the common airport security checks now using "Radio Frequency" (RF) energies to scan people. Many protective measures have been put into place for public safety and in the work environment safety through the use of dosimeters. With the advancements of Medical Imaging Technologies using "X-Ray" tube based energy, there has been little or no real patient tracking of received dose. On the rise, is the X-Ray dose generated during the medical examination causing incidents from too much received X-Ray radiation. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and American College of Radiology (ACR) do have growing concerns. They are initiating avenues for engineering a method to record patient acquired dose and provide a suggested "Alert Value" per X-Ray tube emitting devices called modalities.