Makes its way from hospital to home
Since the establishment of Jawon Medical in 1993, we have done our best. In result we are exporting our product to over 30 countries and in 2005, we received the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit form the government of Korea. In 2006, we again received many awards from the government and newly built our R&D institute building and factory II.

We obtained the approval for medical device manufacturing factory in Japan in October of 2001. We are performing manufacture or business activity in Japan and actively running a research center. we have invested and made every effort for last 5 years. Now situations are changing to positive side with considerably bright prospects.

In 2007, we started to build a new factory under the local subsidiary in Japan in order to have a mass production facility. Jawon Medical was established under the motto of ‘Makes its way from hospital to home’ and has contributed to “customers’ health and maintenance of affluent lives” by manufacturing and offering body composition analyzer, blood pressure monitor for hospital, and 30 kinds of other medical products.

For preventive medicine that enables one to live a healthy life for a long time (High Quality and Long Life) not cure medicine that cures people after onset of illness, Jawon Medical will make its position firmly in the world as a practical and future-oriented diagnostic medical device manufacturer by adding new technologies to our accumulated technology, clinical information, and experience. We will do our best with the faith to make world-best products and the attitude of “with the heart of beginner”to show you Jawon Medical growing progressively and strongly.