J & H Berge Inc

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J&H Berge, Inc / The Lab Mart has proudly served the scientific community since 1850, providing high quality products at competitive prices to leading organizations and research institutions around the country.The first J & H Berge Catalogue and Price List was produced in 1878 and was inscribed, "To our patrons, In compliance to the requests of many of our customers, we present this Price List of Goods kept on hand by us, trusting it may be of use to those interested." In September 1882, the first hardcover fully illustrated & descriptive catalog was produced and included not onlt bellows, crucibles, and furnaces for the precious metal industry but also balances, glassware, and microscopes for chemists, schools, and colleges. During these early years, many of the products were imported from the first factories of Europe, such as Royal Berlin Porecelain Ware, Jos. Kavalier's Bohemian Glassware, Best German Glassware and Royal Saxion Porcelain Ware.