ITV Denkendorf Produktservice GmbH

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Company Profile Development and Production from raw material to medical product. ITV Denkendorf Productservice Ltd.offers application-oriented development and production - from row material to final product. ITVP ist a subisdiary of the Institute for Textile and Process Engineering of the German Institutes for Textile and Fiber Reserarch Denkendorf (DITF/ITV), the leading textile research institute in Europe. ITVP works on application-orientet developmenttopics and the offers production capacity for industrial partners. Development and testing of biomaterials Production of medical products for industrial partners Chemical, textile and biological tests Development of new products within contract research Medical Products ITVP offers develpment and production of new medical devices from polymerisation over the processing to the finished product for medical device industry. Absorbable and non-absorbable polymeric row materials can be produces in clean room facilities, as well as the processing on textile machinery such as extrusion equipment, drawing facilities, braiding, non-woven, knitting and weaving machines. The development and production are certified accorrding DIN EN ISO 13485 with anual audits by the notified body. Medical devices, that are developed together with ITV, are in use wordwide. Examples are surgical sutures, vascular protheses, stents for trachea and esophagus, meshes, belts and ribbons, foils and membranes as well as non-wovens. Testing Facilities A series of the tests within the ITVP Testing Labs are accredited, e.g. the chemical tests for the charakterisation of polymeric materials or biological test for cytotoxicity. Another focus is on the testing of skin tolerance and for toxins. For testing of skin tolerance wearing conditions are simulated. The skin tolerance of all substances is tested which under ordinary wearing conditions can cross over from the textile onto the skin. Therefore a special gel is used that has skin-like characteristics. The substances that eventually elute from the textile surface and cross over into the gel are concentrated to a hundredfold. So the test conditions are enhanced. The gel is brought in contact with connective tissue cells, and the reaction of the concentrate on the cell cultures is assessed and evaluated. The viability of the cells may not be reduced. Only then the test is passed.