ITR® Informations-Technologien GmbH

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Company Profile About us General information: ITR® Informations-Technologies GmbH has been developing software for the international health care and service market since 1989. Our customer base encompasses health care providers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Israel and Norway Size of the company: We are a medium sized company with two offices in Germany. In Austria we have a partner company that distribute our products. ITR® Informations-Technologies GmbH is a family run business that has been under the same ownership since inception. What are we developing: We develop, deliver and manage hospital information and management systems developed by our in-house team. Our software provides comprehensive hospital work flow implementation in a diverse range of settings: acute care, rehabilitation, private clinics and outpatient facilities. In 2004 we introduced 'DRG Billing' which incorporates § 301 and § 21 data transmission. Other modules include 'Activity Tracking', 'Enterprise Communications' and our 'Laboratory System'. For in-patient clinics, we developed an advanced package that includes hotel reservation logistics in addition to our standard functionality. Another milestone is our paperless electronic medical records system (EMR). It has been in use by over 20 reference clinics since 2005. Other features include an automated dismissal report composed via dictation and a correction process per § 301 in the form of an integrated overall solution. We are in the process of expanding into the field of retirement and nursing care homes. Here we can draw on our core competency while adapting our software to the needs of the elderly. DIN ISO 9001: 2000 We are DIN ISO 9001: 2000 certified by TÜV South Germany since February 3rd, 2001. In addition, we have been carrying out independent monitoring audits since May 2003. These audits are performed by software that was created specifically for DIN ISO 9001:2000. We have developed a comprehensive customer support system. Our database application captures customers feedback and immediately routes inquiries to the correct support personnel. In addition, it invokes error avoidance modules while error remedy is initiated. These measures contribute to our high level of customer satisfaction. What distinguishes our products from the competition: All of our software modules are multilingual and are offered as true client - server applications on Windows 2003/2008/2012 platforms. We use the 64-bit Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012. Therefore, our products can be fully networked within any size organization. In addition, pure WEB solutions are already in use, such as our mobile version for therapists. These products are developed in cooperation with clinics. They are both practical during every day use and at the same time powerful. Our modules communicate with each other online with seamless interfaces between all ITR ® modules. The level of integration of our software is unparalleled in the health care software industry. We support modern platforms in a timely manner. Since 2005, we recommend the use of 64-bit server operating systems, including the 64-bit SQL Server versions from Microsoft. In 2012 we launched a complete re-development of our hospital software, with an expected release in 2015. Prerelease versions were already exhibited in May 2014 during the ConHIT trade show in Berlin and in November 2014, on the Medica in Düsseldorf. We use the currently most advanced development tools under. NET in combination with NVC and bootstrap. Our Competitive Advantage: Our competitive advantage lies in our professional competency and in our 24 years of experience in dealing with complex software solutions and service to our customers. Our success is also based on our open company structure that allows business partners to participate in projects. Our partners work hand in hand with us to ensure customer satisfaction. Quality Assurance and Quality Management: Our custom software performs quality assurance in support of the existing Quality Management recommendations for clinics. It includes cost and management accounting, analysis of services, admission and discharge analyzes of Ex, ASIA, FIM score, the Barthel Index and many additional tools. Services: All of our customers are professionally supported via our "Qualified Advice Software" with emphasis on hospital management, as well as via personal IT support and general corporate counseling. Future Plans: Our future plans focus on our core competency with continuous implementations of high quality clinical information and management systems. Other activities include further expansion within the European market in cooperation with competent partners that sell and service our products in a professional manner. Modern platforms such as cloud computing are currently under development.