Isi Plast SPA

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Company Profile Mission The ISI PLAST S.p.A. mission looks to lead the company towards improving its performance, ensuring that its environmental performance is controlled and continuously improved in terms of the company’s environmental compatibility and to define and inform all staff of the objectives to be pursued in terms of health and safety at work, for all those working on the premises, seeking to obtain an increasing integration of the three systems: “quality”, “safety” and the “environment”. The purpose of this policy is to meet the demands and requirements of our customers better and better and in a very professional manner. We wish to be more competitive than the competition, guaranteeing a high quality service and product that remains constant over time, with an economic return by optimising internal processes and the related performance, whilst all the time considering the hygiene and cleanliness of the working areas, personal hygiene and product cares, as requisites of quality and a guarantee of better customer satisfaction, identifying, governing, controlling and reducing the environmental impact of our business and products and protecting the health and safety at work of all those working on the premises of ISI PLAST.