Irvine Scientific

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Irvine Scientific was established in May 1970 to produce serum products for the cell culture market. From those beginnings, Irvine Scientific emerged and grew to become a respected innovator of cell culture products. Over the years, Irvine Scientific has evolved its products, services, and operations to become multi-disciplined, international in scope and subject matter experts in the area of cell culture media. Today, our diversified products and services benefit both life science and medical customers. Irvine Scientific is proud of its past as an innovator of products that positively touch so many lives. Whether it is developing the highest quality embryo culture media to assist IVF procedures, to supplying high quality media for diagnostics and research, to customizing media for biopharmaceutical production, providing the highest customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We plan to build on this proud history and continue innovating to meet our customer needs.