IPSA s.r.l.

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About us The Company An innovative company operating in Italy for over 15 years, IPSA develops Solutions to support Healthcare operators while reducing costs in the hospital clinical & logistics processes. IPSA’s products are based on hardware and software integration with a value proposition focusing on patient safety and process efficiency. The Smart Therapy Solution Smart Therapy is a hardware and software solution designed to support nurses to administer medications in a safe and efficient way. It’s based on a Mobile Automated Dispensing Cabinet integrating logistics with a bedside point of care. The system tracks the Who, What, When, Where and Why of the process and offers controlled logistics and clinical value. Drugs demand is based on real needs and the inventory is real-time. The solution synthesizes in a unique way the main feature of Advanced Dispensing Cabinets - the control load and unload of drugs - with those of the normal tool used by nurses to distribute medicines: the therapy cart. We welcome importers and distributors to partner with us. If you need further information, please contact us.