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About us INTERMEDICA is one of the major companies in the Medical Supplies field in Egypt. It is specialized in Manufacturing, Distribution, Importing and Exporting of a wide range of Medical Supplies and Surgical Dressings. Throughout a period of 15 years in the market, INTERMEDICA has built a solid foundation and has gained an excellent reputation and good will among its customers and suppliers Strategy Quality and innovation have been the guiding principles behind the development of intermedica. In an increasingly quailty consciuos world , the company continues to set new measures for product pefection and customer satisfaction. Founders In 1979 , the Sewefy's family business of medical products was founded by Dr Saad El Sewefy . In 1988 , the business was transferred to his sons Mr. Sameh El Sewefy and Mr.Hatem El Sewefy who founded Intermedica. Chairman Statement Focussing on the welfare and satisfaction of our customers, we dedicated all our resources and efforts to achieve the highest standards of quality according to international standards. Continuing our path of success, we are focussing on adding new product lines to our range. Mr.Sameh El Sewefy Chairman