Integrated Biomedical Technology

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Integrated Biomedical Technology, Inc. was established in1992 as a consulting company assisting other companies in developing dry chemistry test systems. In 1995, we realized that in the fast paced operation of hemodialysis there is a need of simple, fast and easy-to-use tests and began to develop reagent strips for use in dialysis clinics and hospitals. In 1997, the first multi-functional test for chlorine/bleach and peroxide was introduced. Since then, a panel of dialysis specialty test strips has been introduced, many of which are uniquely designed, one of a kind tests. These highly advanced, innovative test systems redefine and set new standards in the way testing is done in dialysis.The principal of the company, Dr. Wen Wu, has a long and extensive experience in biomedical testing. He received his Ph. D. degree in Biochemistry from the University of Washington in 1971. Since then he has worked at Northwestern University and the Clinical Laboratories at the University of Chicago Hospitals. He is an American Board certified Clinical Chemist. In 1979, he joined Miles, now Bayer Diagnostics, working on research and development of dry chemistry test systems. He is an inventor and co-inventor of over 10 patents and has published numerous scientific articles in prestigious journals.