InTec Products, Inc.

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Company Profile Founded in 1989 by a famous Chinese scientist, InTec Products,Inc. today is one of the world's largest in vitro diagnostics reagent manufacturers, especially in infectious disease and drug of abuse test. With state-of-the-art, ISO13485 certified and GMP standard facilities, InTec produces over 10 million rapid test and 600000 Elisa kits per month at competitive cost. InTec has worked with over 100 distributors from 70 countries as well as some international organizations including WHO,UNICEF and UNDP etc. Distributors and OEM are welcome in some territories. InTec's headquarter is based in Xiamen, China and now are seeking to introduce new IVD products abroad to China through its comprehensive local distribution channels.4th generation HIV Ag-Ab ELISA kit and blood grouping kit are new products attracting wide interests. Product profile: Rapid test: HIV,Hepatitis B&C, syphilis, malaria, dengue, TB, H.Pylori, cTnI, PSA, AFP, HCG, LH,TOXO, Elisa kits:HIV,Hepatitis A& B&C,syphilis, Blood glucose monitoring system.