Instrument Specialists Inc

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Instrument Specialists Inc. (ISI), founded in 1978 by Sandra and Joseph R. Kabanek, Ph.D., began by repairing and sharpening hand-held surgical instruments. A line of cleaning products was quickly developed after discovering that many of the instruments sent for repair were not broken, but simply dirty. Two of the cleaning products are rust & stain removers, uniquely addressing a problem which often resulted in instruments malfunctioning.A few years later, Dr. Kabanek observed a hand surgery and began building a surgical table for extremity surgeries. In 1986, he was issued a patent for the �K� Surgical Table. Over the years, the table has gone through some design changes and is now known as the Advanced Universal �K� Table. Selling to the hand market has lead to the development of other O.R. products such as the Alumi-Hand, the ISI Ultra-Light Specialty Table, the Digi Grip, and finger traps.