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Company Profile THE COMPANY - 360° PROJECTS BY INOVAN What is true innovation? This is an important question; especially for a company such as INOVAN that bears the claim to innovation in its name. A company that has developed technologically leading solutions for 60 years and with more than 700 highly qualified employees as part of the globally operating Prym Group. What does innovation mean to us? Innovation may not be an end in itself, originating from pure enthusiasm for technical feasibility. We use innovation as a solution to relevant problems. We are noticing more and more that these relevant problems are increasing in specifications and in the growing complexity of projects. This is why our innovation is not just a product, but is process and structure-orientated at the same time. To be specific, this means that we have a range of services that is hard to beat in the branch with respect to scope and claims in order to meet these exact challenges. It covers the areas of contact materials as well as electroplated surface technology, stamp-bend, plastics and assembly technology up to fasteners. This means that we can fully develop and implement extremely individual and complex projects with the maximum interface reliability in-house - with high-performance machines and tools that are produced in our company and guarantee precision parts with the highest quality. Our customers know the value of precisely this type of innovation. They are the leading suppliers and manufacturers from the automobile, communications, electronics and electrical industries and view us as a partner who successfully implements 360° projects together with them. A partner who thinks things through right from the start.