INOVA Diagnostics Inc

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INOVA is dedicated exclusively to autoimmune diagnostics. Our single focus allows us to offer you unmatched quality, reliability and value on the most comprehensive range of autoimmune testing reagents available anywhere. Our unique commitment is reflected in the extraordinary level of technical proficiency, product support and in the impeccable service we provide our customers.INOVA Diagnostics, Inc. was formed in 1987 by a group of scientists drawn from the academic, clinical and industrial communities but united by one common interest— autoimmune disease diagnostic technology. Our founders included scientists who were directly involved in the early development of autoimmune disease serology as well as the people responsible for the first commercially available autoantibody test kits.For over 20 years, the synthesis of diverse backgrounds, exceptional talents and singular focus has produced a unique company focused on the development and manufacturing of high quality and innovative test kits for aiding in diagnosis of autoimmune diseases. Year after year, INOVA has consistently delivered the first commercially available or FDA-cleared autoimmune diagnostic tests for a variety of disease states.