Innovative Endoscopy Components LLC

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IEC – Innovative Endoscopy Components, LLC has offered premium surgical equipment, endoscope repair parts, and services to the international healthcare community for more than 13 years. Due to our exclusive affiliation with a renowned German medical product manufacturer, we distribute autoclavable endoscopes, instruments, cameras, lightsources, veterinary products, medical replacement parts and pre-owned OEM parts to over 300 customers in +40 countries. IEC also offers consulting services for small and large OEM manufacturers and multilingual training to surgical equipment technicians worldwide. As we strive to become a leading contributor to the Healthcare Industry, we believe that our achievements will reflect who we are as a company. It is our aspiration to be among the most trusted and respected corporations in this industry. New and innovative products are continuously offered at IEC. Exciting times are lying ahead with the release of many new Endoscopes, Endoscope Repair Parts, Components and Services. Almost 20 years ago, our german affiliate was established by a team of Engineers and Product Development Specialists who have been in the Medical Equipment Industry for many years.