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ABOUT US With expertise as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of Orthopedic Implants, IOL has an exciting product portfolio with the enviable reputation of being able to manufacture and provide the orthopedic surgeon with all implantable devices for specific patients needs. Our innovative and exciting product portfolio of Orthopedic Implants is updated and expanded in line with technological advances to satisfy the current and future needs of both patients and healthcare professionals. We are committed to playing our part in achieving improved healthcare outcomes worldwide. MISSION Renovation & Development have always been important aspects for IOL and today’s product line is in continuous evolution. Our R & D Program is the result of collaboration between clinical sector individuals, universities and research institutes, combined with IOL’S mature experience within the field of implantable medical devices. TEAM OF EXPERTS Our company’s functioning has been well managed by highly qualified team of professionals who consistently work hard to produce the best Orthopedic Implants. We have skilled medical experts working with us who have thorough knowledge of incorporating right formulations in the Orthopedic Implants. We have a team of competent doctors and surgeons who design and test our Orthopedic Implants Products and contribute continuously for improving the efficacy of the same and making products more widely acceptable.we believe in bringing improvements in every aspect of our business on an everyday basis. We wish to offer the best Orthopedic Implants to our customers and thus we undergo an intense research program for every product that we offer.