InnoMed Technologies Inc

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InnoMed Technologies, Inc. is a 21st Century medical technologies company poised to bring new and more effective medical products and devices to the public through a medical development and engineering team as well as acquisitions of other medical related companies. InnoMed Technologies, Inc. has primarily been a research oriented privately held medical technology development company for the past 9 years. The company owns full utility patents and has patents pending. The Nasal-Aire line of CPAP interface devices look and wear like oxygen cannula. The Nasal-Aire requires no headgear! Experts expect this device to change the modality of CPAP delivery for treatment of Sleep Disorders along with Respiratory Disorders and Insufficiencies. This device has had widespread applications including Sleep Disorder Clinics, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Home Care patients. This new application has received worldwide acceptance by both patient and caregiver due to its ability to promote patient compliance to treatment and its ease of application and unequaled performance.