ImmuneMed Inc.

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ImmuneMed Inc. Drug Discovery and Diagnostic Kit Development With New Definition Based on Creative Research ImmuneMed Inc. promises to become a world-trusted company based on creative high-tech intensive research and sound management. Our mission is on human health and welfare in terms of the treatment of incurable or obstinate diseases. We believe that the human immune system itself is the most effective defense system of our body in curing various infectious diseases. These beliefs have been a guiding principle for our research over the years. Using the innate immune system, a new antiviral agent has been developed and the research has been done using various techniques, such as virus culture, protein purification, RT-PCR, gene cloning, ELISA, MALDI-TOF protein expression in conjunction with animal experiments. In addition, we are also developing and exporting diagnostic kits using lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for early detection of acute febrile illnesses such as Leptospirosis, Scrub typhus, Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, and a Murine typhus.