IMMCO Diagnostics, Inc.

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Welcome to Immco Diagnostics! Immco Diagnostics incorporates innovative medical devices, diagnostic laboratory testing expertise and pioneering research for a comprehensive solution to autoimmune disease diagnostics. Our company offers industry leading autoimmune disease diagnostics under the ImmuGlo™ (immunofluoresence assays), ImmuLisa™ (enzyme linked immunosorbent assays), and ImmuBlot™ (Western blot assays) brands. Since 1971, autoimmunity has been our focus. Supported by extensive research and a proven track record of accuracy and reliability, our company has expanded from a specialized reference lab into an international organization offering high quality diagnostic products and services for the detection and diagnosis of autoimmune diseases to support improved patient care and prognosis. Our Product division supplies leading in vitro diagnostic assays and reagents to laboratories worldwide. Immco Reference Laboratory offers biopsy, serology and other test services for diagnosis of autoimmune disorders and related immunological conditions. The Contract Research group supports clinical research trials for contract research organizations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Immco researchers work closely with industry experts in development of proprietary products. This has led to innovations such as the first commercial assay for detection of endomysial antibodies associated with celiac disease and the first panel of autoimmune hearing loss diagnostics, including the hsp-70 antibody OtoBlot™. We are continually expanding and updating our product offering. Come back and visit us often as we focus on our principal mission at Immco—providing the total solution in autoimmunity™.