Imhotep Diagnostics Limited

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IMHOTEP DIAGNOSTICS LIMITED Imhotep Diagnostics Ltd is a medical diagnostic company established to manufacture, develop, market, sell and support its clinical diagnostic tests for hospital and private diagnostic laboratories.Our broad distribution network of likeminded professionals put customers first in terms of supplying them with high quality products, on time, in the format that they require, at competitive prices and who offer technical support and backup to support these products to the expectation of the end user. mhotep Diagnostics started, at first, with retailing standard clinical biochemistry and haematology diagnostic kits, based on existing technology and development, off patent. These kits are currently widely available. However, Imhotep is planning to also retail high sensitivity versions of a number of existing diagnostics. More importantly, Imhotep is now developing its own novel range of quantitative PCR and enhanced chemiluminescence-based technologies to provide new solutions for the detection and diagnosis of a number of infectious diseases and infertility. Existing methodologies have been well proven and our high sensitivity diagnostics are currently being tested in standard clinical biochemistry and haematology protocols against validated standards, to demonstrate their enhanced detection properties. The development of the high sensitivity clinical biochemistry and haematology diagnostic products has been done at Imhotep Diagnostics. Imhotep Diagnostics laboratories space is based at Europa Tool House, Belfast, UK. These facilities include all the necessary support required for the development and manufacture of products and will accelerate to market our first products. These will include (1) Thromboplastin assay (standard and high sensitivity), (2) top thirty highly demanded biochemical and haematological assays, for national and international markets. We source raw materials for each assay and we hold the necessary licences for import. We have MHRA export approvals for Egypt and other Middle East and north African countries.