I2A (Intelligence Artificielle Applications) S.A.

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i2a (intelligence artificielle applications) 20 years of expertise For more than 20 years, i2a is specialized in microbiology and develops, manufactures and sells a range of instruments, software and reagents dedicated to clinical microbiology and infectiology. PRELUD®, a new automated pre-analytical instrument Last analyser of the range, PRELUD® automates the pre-analytical part of a microbiology lab: it inoculates culture plates and prepares agar susceptibility tests (inoculating media and depositing discs) on round or square plates. How i2a grew up 1988 : From the beginning, i2a develops and commercializes microbiology expert software. 1993 : the first SIRscan is developed and sold in 1994. 1996 : Actor of microbiology in France, i2a signs its first international agreements. 1998 : Regular increase of sales and constant investment in R&D lead i2a to new facilities. 1999 : i2a prepares entry to the new millennium developing the SIRscan 2nd generation and obtains FDA approval. Launches a range of reagents, signs new distribution agreements.. 2001 : SIRscan leadership in France. 2003 : Launching SIRscan2000 auto. 2004 : range of susceptibility discs. 2005 : SIRscan Micro. 2007 : SIRscan Micro Plus & TAXIDEN. 2009: SIRWeb MALDI-TOF. 2010 : SIRWeb Bacterio, middleware for complete management of bacteriology. 2012 : PRELUD® , pre-analytical analyser. ... to make future a reality now !