Hunnect Kft.

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Eastern European medical translation and localization Hunnect has been operating in the linguistic services market since 2003 and has maintained its position as the third largest linguistic services provide r in Hungary for the fifth year in a row with an annual throughput of nearly 20 million words . We are a company with several departments, hundreds of subcontractors, offering more than 40 target languages and a full range of linguistic services including: the translation-editing-proofreading of practically any text of any size and nature, machine translation and post-editing, interpreting, creative writing and marketing adaptation, quality assurance of translations prepared by other companies, DTP services done independently or as part of the translation process, and the production of e-learning courses in a part or in full. After acquiring significant experience in life science related translation, and especially clinical trials and pharmaceutical translations, we made the decision to create a new branch inside the company – Hunnect Life Sciences . Medical and pharmaceutical translations always require impeccable quality, which can only be achieved by adding both human and automatized extra quality checks to the traditional translation-editing-proofreading (TEP) process – and by choosing the right specialists. Whether we speak of clinical trials, documentation for medical devices, SPCs or other life science related texts, our highly specialized translators are the irreplaceable basis of high-quality output. Our teams consist of native speakers of the target language living in the target country. They are not only language specialists, but also MDs, pharmacists, biologists, chemists and other medical experts who are continuously monitored and trained in order to provide the utmost quality and to continually develop their skills in our ever-changing industry. Downloads: Hunnect Life Sciences Brochure (German) Hunnect Life Sciences Brochure DE.pdf