Hosmer Dorrance Corp

Endorse Company
The Fillauer Companies including Fillauer LLC, Hosmer Dorrance Corporation, Motion Control, and the Center for Orthotics Design; together are leading the way in the world of Orthotics and Prosthetics.Fillauer LLC is the specialist in specialty products including custom fabrication items, special modifications, and technical support. Innovative technology along with tried and true techniques are utilized just as they have been for more than 60 years.The Hosmer Dorrance Corporation produces many lower extremity prosthetics and is a leader in upper extremity prosthetics. Hosmer continues to focus on strength, quality, and the independence of the wearer.Motion Control and the Myo-Electric arms and hands have made a mark as a favorite among patients. With cutting edge technology and patient focused designs, Motion Control products will continue to be a favorite among their wearers.The Center for Orthotics Design and its creative founder, Wally Motloch, CO, are best known for the Isocentric� RGO, and have long been recognized as being on the leading edge of orthotic innovation.