HÖRTIG rohrpost Air Tube Transport Systems

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Company Profile New laboratory-station in which two carriers can ne stored Nowadays, hospitals and clinics pose extremely complex requirements to the logistics. A lot of tasks, from supply of medicaments up to transport of web specimen to the central laboratory must be executed quick and reliable. You can meet these requirements with a conveyor tube system: all stations of a hospital, from central office via administration to the kitchen can be connected intelligently. In this way you can get rid of time-communing errands and have more time for care of patients: Web specimen can be analysed so duration of operation is shortened. In the future, you donŽt need to store medicaments decentralized and important documents can be sent „ just in time“ to the respective station, also very important: Blood preserves can be transported with a conveyor system too. At the fair MEDICA in Düsseldorf the company HÖRTIG rohrpost located in Bayreuth, Germany presents its new laboratory-station. In this station two carriers which must be sent to different destinations can be stored at the same time. The station has two carrier-storages. Meanwhile the two storages are occupied, another carrier can arrive at the station. Special inserts allow the transport of different goods, blood-tests and medicaments. No more time-intensive ways must be gone. HÖRTIG rohrpost also presents the front-loading-station with a new design. This station can be installed space-saving in a wall-niche or in a cupboard. Well-known clinics in the world already trust in the reliable and innovative technology of HÖRTIG rohrpost. The Clinic North in Nuremberg, the Hospital St. Georg in Leipzig, the Hospital Russel’s Hall in Great-Britain and several more clinics in China and in Germany, too. Conveyor Tube Systems of HÖRTIG rohrpost are certificated to DIN EN ISO 9001 2000 and include a warranty of ten years for spare parts. All installation and systems can be developed individually for the client, as well as requirements and wishes of the client can be adapted