Home Access Health Corp

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Home Access is a pioneer in the commercialization of new technologies for personal diagnostic testing. As an emerging market leader, Home Access is bringing laboratory testing into the 21st century with a breakthrough fingerstick blood-separation technology that allows multiple, highly accurate diagnostic tests to be performed from a few drops of self-collected blood.For over 60 years, patients have been required to endure physical pain and inconvenient agony in order to conduct physician accepted, gold standard medical testing. The time has come for a consumer-based change to diagnostic testing; the time has come for Home Access.Home Access is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, a northern Chicago suburb. The company was founded in 1993 and operates a fully integrated CAP/CLIA certified laboratory and medically directed contact center. Home Access continues to be the only company approved by FDA to conduct at-home testing for HIV and Hepatitis C; and, is now scaling its new patented blood-serum separation technology to the mainstream diagnostic market.