HN Group A/S

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Company Profile HN Group 30 years of experience HN Group is a major supplier of injection-moulded and thermoformed plastic parts for the industry in both Denmark and the rest of Europe. We have customers working in many different industries, for example, medical equipment, food, toys, electronics, hi-fi, automotive, wind and solar power as well as gas and water technology.HN Group's quality management system is certified according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. The company's operations rest on three pillars: Injection moulding - Thermoforming - Moulding Tools We are specialists in several complex areas, e.g. embedment of metal parts into plastic components and thermoforming of transport trays to support the automation of production lines, including Pick & Place robots. Our year-long experience and extensive know-how also mean that customers from many different industries today use us as a sparring partner in their R&D work. Our innovative approach to creating new opportunities with plastic – including for components that have traditionally been produced in metal or other materials – allows us to add value and boost our customers' competitiveness. We create value for the companies in the medical equipment industry through extensive know-how, short time to market and uniform high quality. It takes something rather special to become a preferred plastics partner for the companies in the medical equipment industry. This is why we are very proud that some of the largest and most demanding companies in the industry have assessed HN Group and found us "heavy" enough to deliver both knowledge and products. We know that customers often opt for HN Group as a supplier after evaluating us based on four overall parameters: Quality Control - Documentation - In-house control - Traceability At the same time, many medical equipment customers set great store by the fact that we are one of very few suppliers in the industry that have their own tools department and can therefore design and manufacture custom tools for both injection moulding and thermoforming in-house. We can contribute with knowledge and know-how as early as a product's R&D stage. And if you need to test a product or a component in small series, we can lend you a hand by manufacturing a trial tool or – if time is a business-critical factor – by implementing a rapid prototyping process. Our consulting and professional feedback can extend to areas such as types of plastic design function production setup quality Contact us if you are facing a specific challenge or if you want to know more about how we can create value for your company.