Company Profile About HMN a/s HMN a/s was founded in 1934 as a furniture producing company. The style was Art Deco and the products were mainly for canteens, living rooms, bedrooms and offices. We also produced rehab products, mainly for medical clinics and hospitals. Today our main business area is development and production of rehab products for the elderly and disabled. We are specialists within the area of shower-commode equipment, and have one of the widest product ranges in the world. Our products are produced in Brondby in Denmark, with main focus on user friendliness, quality and cleaning friendliness. Besides sales on the Danish market we have export to several countries. We are known for our innovative approach to the market, where we always focus on product development. Our wide range of accessories for all of our products makes us able to meet most demands regarding shower-commode chairs and shower stools. Should there be any situation where our standard range is unable to meet the demands, we are, as one of the few producers in the world, able to customize a product to the end user.Everything is possible.