Herotron E-Beam Service GmbH

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Company Profile Herotron E-Beam Service Since 2004 Herotron E-Beam Service GmbH , located in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, is active as a service provider in the field of industrial electron beam treatment. As an independent service provider, Herotron is operating 2 high-performance accelerators. Both facilities are being used for specific modification of material properties. Using high energy radiation disinfects packaging and is a widely used sterilization method for medical devices which is offered by Herotron according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 11137. E-Beam treated products can be found in the medical devices industry, health care, automotive-, electrical-, construction- and packaging industry. The different types and a highly motivated, well trained staff enables Herotron to respond to the desired product characteristics requested by the custome. E-Beam sterilization is being used for: Medical devices, Medical equipment and implants Dressing materials and other sterile textilesMedicines and disposable syringes Packaging for food and pharmaceuticals Laboratory equipment and medical disposables cleaning items for sterile areas (wiping cloths and special medical textiles)