Hemostatix Medical Technologies LLC

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The Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel is a proven technology that has been used in over 500,000 surgical procedures. The Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel can be used cold, but when heated it does what no cold blade can – it reduces bleeding by as much as 60 percent by sealing the blood vessels along an incision.The Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel System offers the precision and true tactile feedback of a cold scalpel and the simultaneous hemostasis of electrocautery. The temperature of the Hemostatix Thermal Scalpel's razor-sharp, non-stick blade can be adjusted from 70º to 300º at the touch of a button. This feature minimizes the risks of edema and infection and cuts time in the operating room by as much as 20 percent by creating cleaner, drier fields of operation.