Heart Rate Inc

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Heart Rate Inc. has played an integral role in transforming the way people exercise with its 30 year history of innovations. Few other companies can claim as many fitness equipment firsts-including inventing total-body training-that have become expectations for exercise today. Plus, Heart Rate Inc. offers much more than its highly regarded vertical trainers, including a full line of heart rate monitors, the unprecedented VersaPulley resistance using patented MV2 technology and the now ExerVibe vertical climbers and steppers with Whole Body Vibration.Heart Rate Monitor Pioneers Incorporated in October 1978, Heart Rate Inc. had the foresight to know that heart rate could be a valuable tool to gauge the intensity of exercise-for beginning exercisers up to elite athletes. In 1980, the company completed the design and a functional prototype of a heart rate wristwatch and then was awarded an exclusive patent to further develop the capacitive electrode used in the NASA space program. This sensor was designed to acquire high quality ECG signals during space flights. Unfortunately, at that time, many wristwatch, medical and sports equipment companies were not convinced that heart rate monitoring promised to be a viable business, so they declined to provide funding. Faced with a lack of financial backing, Dick Charnitski, the president of Heart Rate Inc. and a mechanical engineer, then turned his attention to developing a total-body exercise machine. The birth of total-body exercise.