Health Gear Inc

Endorse Company
Health Gear Inc. continues its 21 year tradition of providing innovative designs, superb quality construction and outstanding customer service at low manufacturer direct prices. Our fabulous colors, thick soft fabrics and spacious designs all contribute to softening your patients' experience. Health Gear exclusively utilizes "lint resistant" Velcro fasteners in all our patient comfort gowns and tops. And yes, it really works! Our Velcro is sewn on with a special cross stitch design for strength and durability. All our products are sewn using 10-12 stitches per inch rather than the tradional 5-6. We triple tack all stress points throughout all of our designs. Our Velcro and ties are sewn on securely for extra durability through wear and laundering. Our products are by far the highest quality for the price available in the patient wear industry.